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Name Super Seniors at Pictona      
Dates May 17-19, 2021      
Purpose For players 60 and older.      
Tournament Manager Judy Ginn        
Tournament Director April Price        
Eligibility Members and nonmembers      
Divisions Men Doubles, Women Doubles, and Mixed Doubles  
Format 4-team round robins      
Skill categories 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, and 4.5      
Age categories  60+, 65+, 70+, 75+      
Registration Fee $30 for Pictona members; non-members $40  
Players per team 2 doubles      
Match Length 60 mins, 2 out of 3 to 11    
Hours per day 10 8a to 6p      
Number of days 3 Women Fri, Mixed Sat, Men Sunday  
Number of courts 10 West and south pods     
Playoffs 2 Courts 15 and 18    
Court space/day 100 Hrs/day * Courts + playoffs    
Total court spaces 300 For entire tournament + playoffs  
Teams per bracket 4        
Matches per bracket 6 N*(N-1)/2      
Brackets played/day 17        
Medals 1st and 2nd        
    Men Women Mixed  
Max brackets/division   16 16 16  
Players/division   128 128 128  
*It requires 4 hours using 2 courts to play a round robin in one bracket.   
Play will begin at 8a to 11a to complete brackets 1-5 on 10 courts and     
brackets 6-10 from 11a to 2p and brackets 11-16 from 2p to 5p.    
The 16th bracket will play on courts 15 and 18 beginning at 2 pm.    
Initially we will permit 4 teams of two to register in each of 16 categories.   
We will wait list others and then consolidate brackets as needed and invite players on 
the wait list to fill the brackets, creating multiple brackets in some categories.   
We will have playoffs when we have multiple brackets played on courts 15 and 18.  
We will select only the 1st place team. Ties broken by point differential.  
With 2 bracket playoffs we will play a regular match. With 3 brackets we will  
play a round robin, one game to 15. If a tie, the tie breaker will be point differential.
If there is a 4-bracket playoff, we will  create a 4-team single elimination bracket,   
and assign teams randomly to the bracket.  1 game to 15 for each match.  
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