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Reserve a Ball Machine

Looking to improve your game by using a ball machine? 

Members and nonmembers can now rent one of two Pickleball Tutor machines along with balls for $10 an hour.

Ball machines can only be used on one of Pictona's reservable courts. Members can reserve the ball machine when making reservations through Pictona's member online reservation system (see video here) or by calling the Welcome Desk at 386-310-7067. 

Nonmembers are able to reserve a court and ball machine once they arrive at Pictona. Please visit the Welcome Desk and one of our attendants will be able to assist you.

When renting the Pickleball Tutor please come to the Welcome Desk to pick up the machine. You will be asked to provide either a drivers license or a credit card for the Welcome Desk to hold until the machine is returned. Users of the machine will be responsible for picking the machine up, taking it to the reserved court (a hand cart will be provided if needed) and then returning the machine to the Welcome Desk.

Please view the video below that details how the Pickleball Tutor machines work. Note that our rental machines have the manual height adjustment and do not come with a remote.

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