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Quad Squad (Team Leagues)

Welcome to Pictona's Summer Tuesday Night QUAD SQUADs! (5 week - June 6, 13, 20, 27 and July 11) LEAGUE. The first SIX TEAMS to register and pay* get to participate. Each MEMBER of your team MUST SIGN UP INDIVIDUALLY and list every team member (OR their chosen TEAM NAME) in the Registration Note. You are welcome post on Pictona facebook pages that you are trying to form a team, but it is up to you to find your own 4 players. 

*If you have an ANNUAL PLUS or MONTHLY AUTO RENEW PLUS MEMBERSHIP, then there is NO FEE to participate in the LEAGUE. Otherwise, each player is required to pay $25 (for 5 week league) fee when you register. If all team members don't pay before SIX other TEAMS do, then the $25 fee will be refunded. Once the league begins, there will be no refunds issued, if a team has to forfeit. There is NO LEAGUE PLAY on JULY 4. If a week gets cancelled, due to weather, then a week will be added at the end of the five week session.
ALL PLAYERS are REQUIRED TO STOP and CHECK IN with WELCOME DESK. PLUS MEMBERS can scan their membership card, others MUST GO INTO the Player's Shop to have their 10 Pass Card punched or pay the Daily Rate of $15 (this fee is NOT INCLUDED in the $25 per player League Fee).
Courts 32, 33, 35-37 will be reserved for league games from 6:00p-8:00pm. Arrive early if you would like to warm up. Recommend parking and coming in thru West Gate Entrance. Late team player arrivals will cause their team to forfeit each game they miss. 
Every team plays each other ONE TIME. Each week there will be SIX ROUNDS of GAMES, for a total of 12 games. You will play with each member of your team TWICE and play AGAINST each opposing team member THREE TIMES. Team that wins the most number of games will be the winner of the week. The team with the most WEEKLY WINS will be declared the LEAGUE CHAMPIONS! If there is a TIE in a weekly match up, there will be a 7th game with every member of the team participating, switching out all players with every side out. 
PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP to participate in the QUAD SQUAD LEAGUE unless you are able to attend ALL FIVE WEEKS. If there is an emergency, then teams will be responsible for getting their own SUBSTITUTE player, however, they must be verified that they are SAME SKILL LEVEL as the person they are replacing. If a player gets injured during League play, that team will have to forfeit the remainder of their games, unless there is a SUBSTITUTE player of similar skill at Pictona they can recruit. Teams are welcome to invite their subs to show up each week. If a player is late or gets injured, then they are allowed to take that spot. 
At the end of the last week of league play, if more than one team has the same WIN/LOSS record, then we will total points earned during the league for their head to head matches. If there is still a tie, then we will have more than one League Champion.
Any questions, please contact Hali, Pictona's Member Services Manager at halip@pictona.org or (321)298-4615

Register Online Here or contact the Welcome Desk at 386-310-7067.

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