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Group Visits

Want to bring your whole Pickleball group to Pictona for a great day trip? Or even better a week long Pickleball vacation? If you have a group of 10 or more then contact Membership Director Paul Lambers at paull@pictona.org to pre-register and get a group discount.

Unlike other visitors to Pictona who must be on-site to reserve a court, pre-registered groups will have the option to reserve up to 2 courts for 2 hours (pending court availability and still subject to Pictona’s reservation rain cancellation policy). Groups of course are invited to participate in Open Play or Skill Level play during their visit as well.

For further details, information on best times for play, or to pre-register your group today contact Pictona’s Membership Director Paul Lambers at paull@pictona.org.

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NSB ladies Group
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