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Sunday Novice Round Robins

Posted on December 27, 2021

Sign up for our Novice Round Robins every Sunday morning at 9 am !

Registration is recommended as this event will be limited to 40 participants. However, if there is space available we will definitely add walk ons!

You can sign up online here or contact the Welcome Desk at 386-310-7067.

How does the Round Robin work?RR Novice Sheet

Starting at 9 am the Round Robin Leader will assign a number to each participant. Using our Round Robin rotation sheets (we have rotations for 8 through 40 players) players will play 6 games to 11, win by 2 and have a 12 minute time limit.

Players will simply find their number for each round, go to their designated court and play with their assigned partner.

This is a fun way to meet new players who are learning the game or are between a 2.5 and 3.0 skill level!

What courts will the Round Robin be played on?

The Novice Play Round Robins will be hosted on the South and West pod of courts past the S.R. Perrott Pavilion (courts 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 21, 22, 23 & 24).

Players should meet in the S.R. Perrott Pavilion at 9 am to receive their participant number for the Round Robin. 

It will take approximately 1.5 hours to play 6 rounds.

We will host the Novice Round Robins every Sunday,  except for specific dates when Pictona will be hosting special events such as tournaments. 

Check the Pictona Email Bulletin for weekly details of Pickleball play programming. (You can sign up for the email Bulletin here)

What does the Round Robin cost?

Round Robins are currently FREE to Pictona members. Non-members may purchase a day pass or use a Pictona 10 pass to participate.

How can I sign up to play?

You can sign up online here or contact the Welcome Desk at 386-310-7067.



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