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New Years Eve Pickleball Drop Scramble

Posted on December 23, 2021

Join us December 31st 2021, from 10am to 12pm for Pictona's first annual New Years Eve Pickleball Drop Scramble.

Members price : $4.99

Non-member price: $14.99 (daily pass rate included in price to non-members)

Each participant will receive a glass of Mimosa, Champagne or a soda at the completion of the event as we celebrate ringing in the New Year!

Open to all skill levels.

This event is limited to 40 participants and will be hosted on the uncovered courts located in the West and South pods.

Register by calling the Welcome Desk at 386-310-7067 or go online here. When registering you will be asked to provide your self rated Pickleball skill level.

Event Game Rules

  1. Players will be assigned a starting position based on the event coordinators knowledge of the players skill and their given skill rating at registration
  2. All games will be played first to 15, switch ends at 8. 15 minute time limit. A total of 7 rounds will be played (1hr and 45 minutes)
  3. Court 24 will be considered the high court, and court 9 will be the low court
  4. Win your game and move up one court. Lose your game and move down a court. The exception being the winning team on court 24 and the losing team on court 9 will stay on their respective courts
  5. To decide partners for the next round a player from the winning team and a player from the losing team will put a number 1 or 2 behind their back. They will then show their number. If the number of fingers match those players will play together otherwise they will split with the other partners. The exception to this is the winning team on court 24 and the winning team that moves up from court 23. These teams will not split and will continue to play together
  6. All serves must be drop serves!
  7. After announcing the score, you will announce how many times you will allow the ball to bounce before serving. This shall be how many points you are playing for. As an example: The game is starting, and Sally announces the score "0-0-2". She then announces "2". Sally performs a drop serve and allows the ball to bounce twice before hitting it to her opponent. Sally and her partner win the point. Sally rotates and now announces the score as "2-0-2" and then announces "3" before serving to her opponent. Sally loses the rally, and the ball goes to the other team as it would normally in any pickleball game
  8. You must announce the number of times you are letting the ball bounce and therefor the number of points you are playing for. The minimum number you can announce is 1, there is no maximum number
  9. Should the server announce a number and then strike the ball on a different number of bounces that is a fault, and they lose the ball
  10. Should the server fail to announce the number of bounces it is a fault and they lose the ball
  11. You must finish the game with exactly 15 points. If you miscalculate and end up beyond 15 points it is a fault, those points do not count, and you lose the ball. As an example, Bob announces the score as “13-8-1” and then announces “3”. His team wins the point giving them a score of 16. This a fault and Bob’s team loses the ball and their score remains at 13
  12. All other rules for pickleball play and drop serves are in effect


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