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No Access to Gravel Road on Pictona Way

Posted on December 2, 2021

Members and Visitors to Pictona:

Please note that, temporarily, there will be no access to the gravel road on the west side of Pictona. No cars are to drive beyond the end of the pavement. The gravel road has been surveyed for future pavement with markers staked out. 10th street access to Pictona Way is also closed. Garden access is from the south double gate. Gardeners are not to drive around the barriers to park near the west gate to the gardens.

You may enter and exit Ospreyland next to the electrical substation near the Welcome Desk entrance.

Saturday, December 4: The Holly Hill parade will close Ridgewood Ave from approximately 9:30 to noon. This means no access to Pictona via Ridgewood Ave during this time for pickleball players, Toys for Tots players, and Sip and Shop participants. All these people should enter Pictona from 10th Street. It would be best to come from the west on 10th Street and turn left into Pictona Way. The 10th Street gate will be open on Saturday only, and a volunteer will regulate access. Pictona visitors and players will be directed to drive around the west side of the courts and park in the paved spaces on the north side, east parking lot, or Ospreyland. People who are looking for a parking place to watch the parade will be denied entry.

We thank you for your patience as construction begins. Please know that these inconveniences are only temporary, and the end result will be the spectacular addition of Pictona 2!


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