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Pictona Garden Club Visits EFG Orchids in DeLand

Posted on November 13, 2021

On Saturday, November 6, the Pictona Garden Club visited EFG Orchids in DeLand. Organized by Ricki Stofsky, Social Committee Chair, Pictona gardeners had the opportunity to take a tour of the facility and learn about its history and the many diverse plants for sale and on display. It was an enjoyable morning, and we look forward to the next great field trip!

All are welcome to participate in the Pictona Garden Club. If you're interested in joining us for future activities, contact Rynn at rynng@pictona.org or call 386-238-9276.

efg orchids 2  efg orchids 3  efg orchids 4

efg orchids 4  efg orchids 6

efg orchids 7  efg orchids 8

efg orchids 9  efg orchids 10  efg orchids 11

efg orchids 12  I am groot  efg 13

Bigfoot breeding area sign  donkey at efg



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