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Pictona Garden Club Visits Common Ground Farm in DeLand

Posted on May 17, 2021

On Saturday, May 15th, nineteen members and friends of the Pictona Garden Club visited Common Ground Farm in DeLand. After arriving and gathering the group together, co-owner Pat Joslin gave us an introduction to the farm's founding and a brief history of its evolution into the successful venture it is today. Then, Pat's husband and fellow co-owner, John, gave our Club a wonderful in depth tour of the entire farm. We learned what crops they grow, how they conduct their hydroponics, and how they manage their collaborative efforts with their own members and surrounding farms. Finally, we ended our tour at the farmer's market and purchased a wide variety of goodies to take back home to Pictona. It was educational and a lot of fun! 

The Pictona Garden Club's Social Committee organizes field trips for the Club's members and friends. If you're interested in joining the Pictona Garden Club (free) and participating in our activities, contact Rynn at rynng@pictona.org or 386-238-9276.

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