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Pickleball Classes Galore for May

Posted on May 6, 2021

If you are looking for an opportunity to improve your Pickleball game this month then Pictona is where to be!

Here is the upcoming schedule of Specialty Classes for the Month of May :

May 10th

  1pm - 3pm Not Ready For Primetime Round Robin for those who have played less than a year. Come meet new folks and learn some new shots! $10 Members / $15 Non-members

May 11th

  11am - 12pm Quit Running Around Your Backhand with Coach Lu  $25 members/ $30 Non-members

  1pm - 2pm Wall Drills and Skills with Coach Dave Heinze. Explore ways to use the practice wall on court 24 to improve your game!  $25 members/$30 Non-members

  3.30pm - 5pm Low and Slow 3.0-3.5 Skill Level with Coach Sylvia Whitehouse. Lean how to slow the ball down and keep it low so you can beat those who drive the ball hard! $25 members / $30 Non-members

May 13th

  3pm - 5pm Drill Extravaganza Four Skills: 1) Ground strokes 2) Long mid court dinks 3) Who is covering where 4) Work the middle and reset $10 Member / $15 Non-members

May 19th

  1pm - 3pm "NEW" SINGLES (actually doubles for singles) event for those 50 and over, 20-3.5 skill level. We will cover mixed doubles strategies to help improve your play, while meeting and mingling with other single Pickleball players.

May 25th

  1pm - 2pm Can You Dig It with Coach Dave Heinze One of the most difficult shots in Pickleball is the dig - come learn how to handle it $25 Members / $30 Non-members

  3.30pm - 5pm Low and Slow 4.0-4.5 Skill Level with Coach Sylvia Whitehouse. Lean using game scenarios to practice making your opponent hit the ball off the low bounce at their feet! $25 members / $30 Non-members

May 26th

  5pm - 7pm "Might" be Ready for Primetime Round Robin. This class is for students who want to learn and implement more advanced court concepts that will create longer rallies and more dinking opportunities. $10 Members / $15 Non-members

  To register for any class use the member app or contact the Welcome Desk 386-310-7067






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