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I Should Have Taken a Picture

Posted on January 26, 2021


I saw two partially filled pitchers of beer, a half dozen cups, and the remains of food left sitting on the bleachers between courts 5 and 6. I’m told this happens not infrequently in the evenings.

Food and drinks, other than water and sport drinks (beer is not a sport drink I’m sorry to say), are not to be consumed on anything painted blue or green.

Of course, we are happy to have you purchase food and drink from the Kitchen and to consume it anywhere other than where it is painted blue and green. We have seating in the Kitchen for you, outside the Kitchen on the concrete area, in the Loft, on the bleachers on the outside courts, and on the picnic tables under the Pavilion.

Also, would you please pick up after yourself. Throw away your rubbish in the bins provided. Our maintenance crew is having to spend more time picking up after our members. There is a cost to that task. 

We appreciate your cooperation with NO FOOD OR DRINKS ON BLUE AND GREEN and RUBBISH IN THE BINS. I’ve asked our managers on duty to remind you should you forget.



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