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Ladder Play Update

Posted on January 25, 2021

Beginning 2/1/21





I want to thank everyone who took the time to make suggestions.  We understand that many folks have never played in a ladder.  Some of the suggestions we received were more targeted to help in the organization of League play and/or mini tournaments.   Those suggestions will be forwarded on to the appropriate individuals.  The primary goal of our Ladder is to encourage play, meet new people and play at times convenient for both parties.  Remember, you can always have a fun match with any team on the ladder to improve!  Another goal of the ladder, especially if you are new, is to better understand your rating.   This is a common problem but understandable if you are new to the sport.  There is nothing worse than entering a tournament, paying a fee and not being competitive.  If one keeps losing to two teams above us, then it is a good indication we need to improve our skills.  The Pictonia coaches can help us work on our needed skills if our desire is to improve.  That’s what makes Pickleball challenging for everyone!  Also, remember the ladder is a flexible activity and needs everyone’s cooperation.  Since situations often change in our lives, you can join or leave the ladder at any time. 

To help move the ladder along, it is important to our fellow Pickleball players to respond quickly to a challenge.  Our current guidelines are listed on the Pictona website along with the changes below.  Hopefully, the ladder will run smoothly by itself, however, both Terri and I are here to resolve any conflicts or clarify guidelines as needed.   We hope you are all enjoying the ladder!

  1. We are adding new division - Beginners to 2.9.  Anyone interested please sign up at the front desk and we will do a drawing for placement.
  2. Once a team loses in a challenge match, they cannot reschedule another match for 7 days (not 10).  
  3. You can now challenge 3 places above your currently slot.  (not 2 slots above)
  4. The number one team in each division will be able to challenge up to 3 teams on the bottom of the next highest ladder.   If the team in first place of the 3.5 ladder challenges a team in the 4.0 ladder and wins, they will swap positions.
  5. If a player is injured during play and cannot continue, they have 2 days to play the match or they will need to forfeit and switch places with the challenging team. 
  6. The Singles ladders will be divided into 18-59 and 60+ age groups.   We will take those currently on the ladder maintaining their placement and dividing up into two age groups.   If you wish to play in the 60+ division, please let the front desk know.

To help clarify some situations that have occurred please note the following:

  • If you are changing partners, you must drop to the bottom of the ladder with your new partner. 
  • If you are challenged and you do not play the match within 5 days, you must forfeit the match and switch places with the other team keeping the ladder moving.

Current standings on the ladder will remain the same as of 2/1/21.  If you wish to join the ladder or make any changes, please let the front desk know.  

Have Fun! - George and Terri



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