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Annual members are first to play Pictona

Posted on June 11, 2020

Pictona opens for play on Monday, June 15 for all members who signed up during the pre-opening ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP campaign.  This early access play opportunity runs from June 15-July 14. Pictona will open to everyone on July 15.  Anyone who signs up for an annual membership before June 30 will be able to play on the brand new Pictona courts in advance of the July 15 public opening. To join Pictona, click MEMBERSHIP. The following hours of operation and information refers to the early access play opportunity.


Due to the overwhelming support of our member volunteers, courts will be open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. from June 15-July 14 for early access play.


Please enter Pictona through the Ridgewood Avenue entrance (1060 Ridgewood Ave, Holly Hill). Just look for the giant Pictona paddle sign and turn in!


We have designated the parking spaces located from the entrance of the Kitchen to the far side of the East pod for parking during this early access play period.  The parking spaces are indicated on the map to the right.


Members will enter the courts through the gate located in the corner between the East pod of courts and the covered courts. This entry point is indicated on the map. Please note that our volunteers will be stationed at the gate and will have a member roll to confirm player access.


The courts during this early access play period will be for open play. We will provide whiteboards at different locations to assist with court rotations. We encourage members to mingle, make new friends, and find a comfortable level of play.


  • Please be sure to bring plenty of water with you.
  • Pictona is still under construction and members will not have access to the courts in the West and South pods, the Clubhouse or The Kitchen.
  • Members will have no access to running water or bathrooms at the facility at this time.
  • There will be porta potties available for use; they will be located by the entrance gate.
  • Members will not be granted access to the facilities in the Chamber of Commerce building.


  • We are living in a COVID-19 world and ask that you pay attention to the following important health and safety reminders.
  • We ask that you follow CDC-recommended social distancing guidelines by not congregating in groups of more than 10 and maintaining an appropriate distance from others when not playing.
  • It is the personal responsibility of each member to decide whether to wear a mask and/or gloves while at Pictona.
  • If you have been feeling unwell or have shown COVID-19 symptoms in the previous 14 days, please DO NOT come to Pictona.

Members participating in pickleball play at Pictona do so at their own risk in regard to injuries and illness.

PB101 CLINICS / Covered Court #1

We will be hosting free PB101 introductory clinics starting June 16. These clinics will be held on Covered Court 1 located at the far west end of the covered courts. If you are playing on the court when it is needed for a clinic, please assist us by vacating and rotating to another court.


We have instructed our great team of volunteers on what actions to take should there be an emergency. Please look to their instruction and leadership if the need arises.


Take lots of photos of you and your friends playing pickleball. Snap pics in front of the BIG Pictona paddle at the main entrance.  Share them with us on Facebook and Instagram.

NOTE: If you plan on hitting the courts Monday, June 15, we encourage you to wear your new white Pictona shirt. This is an exciting and historic day for our club, and we will be taking lots of photos and video of for future members to see!


We are thrilled to offer you this early access opportunity to enjoy your new pickleball home before we officially open up in mid-July.  We ask that you take care of the courts and respect each other while playing. Please use the available trash cans so we can keep the courts and surrounding area clean.

We thank our construction company who continues to work on the site, city officials, and our many volunteers who will oversee court activities for making it possible for you to play beginning Monday.


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