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Rates & Join

Joining is easy and we have a number of membership options available to you. 

How can you join or renew your membership?

  • Online - All you need to do is click on the type of membership plan below and the manner of payment and it will take you to a payment screen.
  • In person at Pictona, 1060 Ridgewood Ave., Holly Hill, FL 32117
  • Over the phone by calling 386-310-7067

(Please note if you are renewing your membership and want to change the type of membership you have – from Individual to Family or vice versa or join as a Plus member, you must come to Pictona to do that.  You cannot do this online.)

How can you pay?

  • In a single payment (Annual Membership or Pictona Plus Membership)
  • On a monthly basis, choosing one of these two options
    • Monthly Auto Renew. Your credit card information is safely stored by our credit card processor (not on site here at Pictona) and each month when your membership renewal comes up you are automatically billed.  Should you decide to switch to Monthly on Demand in the future, you may do so.
    • Monthly on Demand. Each month when your membership comes due you will need to renew online, in person, or over the phone.  Your credit card information will not be stored.

The choice is yours for how to join and how to pay.

After you join, download the Member App here

Single Person

daily (pay at Welcome Desk)
One person 18 years of age or older


2-5 Family Members

daily (pay at Welcome Desk)
Family is defined as 1 or 2 adults and up to 3 dependents living together in the same residence and in a “family” relationship.


Under 18 / Grades 1-12

daily (pay at Welcome Desk)
Youth is defined as anyone under 18 years of age or in school grades 1-12.

Pictona Plus


Our Annual Individual Membership with the added enticement of a 10% discount in the Kitchen, Player Shop, and for all tournaments held at Pictona. Even if the 10% discount does not entice you, consider joining Pictona Plus as a way to help support the Club.

Pictona10 Pass

10 Entries

This pass is good for 10 entries to Pictona. Non-members visiting occasionally from the surrounding area may find this day pass to be attractive at $9.00 per entry. It also is a useful way to bring family and friends to Pictona to play without asking your guests to pay.

Pictona 10 Pass - Youth Rate

Pictona Plus


Our Annual Family Membership with the added enticement of a 10% discount in the Kitchen, Player Shop, and for all tournaments held at Pictona. All members of a family, purchasing the Annual Plus membership receive a 10% discount in the Kitchen, the Player Shop, and for entries to all tournaments, for the entire year.

NEW!   Corporate Memberships

  • Time to put some pickleball into the busy work day with the Pictona Corporate Membership.  The Corporate Membership Plan allows for up to 5 members of your organization to join Pictona at $300 per person, which is $60 less that a standard annual membership.  Additional members may join as well for an additional $300 per person.

  • Each of the five Annual Rates are one-time payments per year. The monthly rate is for any Membership Type not wishing to make a single payment.
  • All memberships have full access to Pictona which includes all parts of the building and all the courts. Some events at Pictona will have additional charges.
  • A Pictona annual or monthly membership includes a membership in the Pictona Club, the organization responsible for operating Pictona. 
  • Observers are welcome to watch play without charge and are encouraged to visit our Kitchen.
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