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COVID-19 Guidelines

Our mission is to keep all of us healthy and safe so we can continue to enjoy Pictona. We need your cooperation by asking you to follow our guidelines and to remind others to do so. Through responsible action by each of us, we can keep Pictona open and safe.

November 1, 2021 UPDATE:

Pictona no longer requires wearing a mask anywhere on the campus.  However, Covid-19 remains a dangerous disease. We encourage all our members and visitors to be vaccinated and to protect themselves from infection. If you are unvaccinated, please maintain the 6-feet social distance that is recommended by the CDC.


If you have tested positive for COVID-19, please notify Pictona management ASAP (386-310-7067). Do not come to Pictona.

We will ask you to share when you were last at Pictona and with whom you played or were in close contact with while onsite. This is important so contact tracing can begin to stop the spread.

We will ask you to give us permission to identify you so that people you may have come into contact with but that you do not remember or know their name can take appropriate action. While you may prefer to remain private about testing positive, you have a moral, ethical, and social responsibility to your fellow members to assist them in protecting themselves and the further distribution of this virus. Please give us permission to identify you.

Most of all, if you test positive, we hope you are asymptomatic or if ill, that you recover quickly.


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