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Inviting all Pictona and local community members to participate in the inaugural Martens Cup tournament 2021!

The Martens Cup is named after Pictona founders Julie and Rainer Martens. The goal of the Martens Cup is to provide a fun environment where participants can meet other members while enjoying a variety of different activities at Pictona. Twice a year, participants will have the opportunity to compete for the Martens Cup by playing in a variety of fun events. There will be a Winter Martens Cup tournament (February/March 2021) and a Fall Martens Cup tournament  (August/September).

The inaugural Martens Cup tournament will be held February through March 2021. Participants will be placed on either Team Julie or Team Rainer to compete over a five-week tournament participating in Croquet, Bocce Ball, Corn Hole, Horseshoe Toss and Shuffleboard.

Before the tournament begins a draft night will be held at the SR Perrott Pavilion. Good food, drinks and laughter will be on the schedule as Team members are announced and awarded their Team t-shirt.

Each week participants from both teams will face off in an event to earn points and compete for the glory of winning the Martens Cup. The schedule of events will be as follows:

Friday February12th – Draft Night

Week of February 15th – Croquet

Week of February 22nd   – Bocce Ball

Week of March 1st – Cornhole

Week of March 8th – Horseshoe Toss

Week of March 15th – Shuffleboard

Saturday March 20th – Awarding of Martens Cup to the winning team

Not familiar with these games? Do not worry we will be running training sessions during the month of January and early February so you can learn and practice!

Want to be on the same team as a friend? Make sure to list them as your partner on your sign up sheet. Don't have a partner? Not a problem we will partner you with another participant.

Each event will be offered a minimum of twice a week at different times to allow for flexibility in participants schedules. If you are unable to attend a particular event due to a conflict with your schedule, your team will not be penalized.

Martens Cup tournament fee is $25 and registration ends February 10th.  Participants must register by January 29th in order to receive a Martens Cup t-shirt. Please visit the Welcome Desk to complete a registration form and make payment.

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