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Mastering the 3rd Shot Drop

Course Description: The Stroke of the Month Specialty class is a 1 ½ hour session taught by Pictona’s IPTPA certified instructor, Sylvia Whitehouse.

 In this month’s class, “Third shot or Drop Shot” will be the emphasis. The instructor will teach the proper paddle position, stance posture and individualize it based on your paddle grip be it “continental”, “western” or “eastern” style.

  • Learn that your forehand drive shot is the basis for your drop shot. Hence forehand drilling from baseline will transition into your drop shot. You will progress dropping from the transitional volley area then dinking from the kitchen. Remember a drop shot is a long dink shot.
  • Learn to follow through parallel to the ground to ensure your shot does not become an attackable shot for the opponent once it crosses the net.
  • Learn to aim for the opponent's toes. You want to create the opportunity or force your opponent to hit a ball in the upward trajectory in hopes he or she gets “wristy” and pops the ball up so you or your partner can attack.
  • The drop shot is an effective shot and you and your partner need to follow it and attack …. Don’t miss the opportunity.

Players will participate in several drills of “game situation scenarios” to practice concepts and play out points.

Instructor Note: Routinely drilling, practicing and or having instruction will help achieve consistency and lower unforced errors also helping to build muscle memory, player confidence and improve mental toughness.

Course Instructor: Sylvia Whitehouse

Course Duration: 1 session, 90 minutes per session

Course Prerequisites: Participants should be 2.5/3.0 or above and have the ability to execute successful forehand and backhand strokes with a 50%+ accuracy as well as being able to maintain a 8+ shot or more rally.

Class Limits:  3-8 students

Cost: The class fee is $40 for members and $55 for non-members.

Non-members: You do not need to be a member of Pictona to register for our instructional programs. It’s our hope that you will have a positive experience and become a member. After class, non-member participants are encouraged to remain and enjoy our facility for the day, including access to our pickleball courts and other amenities typically reserved for members.

Pictona Policies: We're committed to providing the best experience, rain or shine. For further details about how weather might impact our instruction, go HERE. Additional information about our cancellation and refund policy can be found HERE.

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