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Drill Extravaganza!

Pictona’s Drill Extravaganza is targeted for all levels of play.

This is a coached drill session. Three or four different skills/drills are presented depending on the size of the group. The skills are presented by a Coach and then practiced under their watchful eye. Students rotate from court to court every 25 to 30 minutes.

Examples of Drills presented:
Ready position, footwork and balance, reset a slam game, serves, return of serves, the third shot drop, dinks, lobs, how to run down a lob, partner communication and movement, gain the NVL, Serves, return of serves, follow your shot, unforced errors, and many more.

Date & Time: Please visit Pictona’s events calendar to see the next scheduled date and time.

Cost Members: $15.00 Non Members $20.00

Register by stopping by the welcome desk or calling 386-310-7067

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