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Skill Assessment Program Overview


Whether you are novice or experienced pickleball player, you may have noticed a number of different ratings systems used to rank players. These ratings systems can be unfriendly, not accurately assess a player’s skills, and be difficult to manage.

For this reason, Pictona is happy to announce its new Player Skill Assessment (PSA) rating program!

PSA Rating System

The PSA has two different assessment programs. One is for players who want a basic rating to help orient them in matching up with other players. This rating system is called the Player Orientation Rating (POR).

The second rating system is more comprehensive, intended to help players determine their skill rating for tournaments and who want to map a route to improve their play. This rating system is called the Comprehensive Skill Assessment (CSA).

Upon completion of the Player Skill Assessment Program the player will receive a report displaying results and areas of improvement. Report copies will be kept by Pictona for future reference.

Have questions?  Please contact Dave Heinze at pictonarating@gmail.com, or call him at 816-585-3833.


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