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Scott Siewert

Greater Daytona Beach Area Pickleball Instructor Profile

Name: Scott Siewert

Telephone: (Cell) 828-550-6390

Email: scottsiewert@yahoo.com

Preferred way to contact:  Email or cell phone

Social media links: https://iptpa.com/certified-coaches/, facebook.com/ScottRSiewert

Type of instruction: Private, semi-private and group.  Recreational or tournament instruction

Locations where instruction is offered: Pictona or Treaty Park St Augustine

Qualifications: International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association, Level II Certified Pickleball Teaching Professional, Karate instructor 2nd degree black belt and 25 years teaching sales. In the last 4 years I have played in over 50 tournaments throughout the US, winning more than 50 medals including 10+ Gold medals. Sponsored by Selkirk Sport.

$50/hr- private lesson (+$15 Pictona court fee) Total $65
$70/hr- two people (+$15 Pictona court fee) Total $85
$80/hr- three-four people (+$25 Pictona court fee) Total $105

Teaching Philosophy: I design safe, fun and effective teaching lessons with meaningful lesson plans, so students will reach their individual goals in pickleball. Not only am I a teacher, a leader, and a mentor, but I will conduct instruction based on your needs, mobility, age and experience.

Scott Siewert
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