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The Road to 4.0: Women’s Journey from 3.5 to 4.0

The Road to 4.0 for Web

Join us on "The Road to 4.0" Women's Pickleball Course at Pictona! If you're currently "stuck" at the 3.5 level and aiming to elevate your game to compete confidently at the 4.0 level, this course is tailored for you.

Over the span of four weeks, participants will engage in a structured program designed to enhance their skills through a combination of focused instruction, skill development, and competitive play.

Each 2-hour session will comprise 60 minutes dedicated to instruction and skill drills aimed at elevating your gameplay. Subsequently, participants will apply these newly acquired skills in 60 minutes of competitive gameplay.

Skill Development Schedule:

  • Week One: Blocking Techniques and Strategic Service Returns
  • Week Two: Mastering Soft Third Shots and Dinking Strategy
  • Week Three: Enhancing Driving Techniques and Resetting Strategies
  • Week Four: Team Strategy Implementation and Game Closure Tactics

Registration Restrictions: Participants are required to possess a minimum 3.5 DUPR or Pictona rating to enroll. Individuals without this rating but interested in joining can contact Education Associate Paul Lambers for approval (paulL@pictona.org).

You can register for the class HERE.

Cost: The class fee is $100 for members and $130 for non-members.

Course Instructors: Paul Lambers and Mary Burns

Course Duration: 4 Sessions, 2 Hours Per Session

Course Prerequisites: NA

Minimum =   8 students, Maximum = 16 students

Cost: The class fee is $140 for members and $165 for non-members.

You can register for the class HERE.

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