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Pickleball 302

Criteria: Participant should already have a basic understanding of pickleball rules, scoring, and the ability to execute serves, service returns, volleys, and dinks at a 50% success rate and/or attended PB-301 or received permission from the PB-302 class instructor (see Pictona's Skill Assessment Program).

Our PB302 course includes 4 one-hour classes. Each class will focus on the skills and in game strategies needed for this level pickleball player to continue to improve. Classes are limited to 4-6 participants to maximize your opportunity to learn game strategy and participate in skill instruction. 

Each week’s class is listed below with a brief description of topics covered:

  • PB301 - Class A: 3 Steps to “Kitchen Success”

    • The game is won at the kitchen line…learn how to get to the Non-Volley Zone line in less than 3 steps/shots. Hitting an unattackable shot getting to transitional volley area; either blocking or hitting another unattackable shot then let the “Dink Wars” begin.

  • PB 302- Class B: Salvaging “SH*+” Shots

    • When a player hits an attackable shot how not to give up and salvage the shot.  Too often players body language or mental focus betrays them when they or their partner hits a high ball. Learn how to block the attack shot hit at you and stay in the game to work the point and win the point.

  • PB 302- Class C: “Shift to the Left/Shift to the Right Protect the Middle and everything is Alright”

    • Learn the importance of building a wall at the kitchen line.  Learn who protects the middle and when to force the opponents to hit a low percentage point instead of giving them the easier middle shot.

  • PB 302 - Class D: Game Tactics (set plays, poaching, shot selections)

    • You possess all the basic skills and fundamentals. Now, it’s time to play with Purpose and a Plan. Learn When to Drive the Ball, When to get into the Dink Game When and Who should be the Shark and lastly, Importance of Being Patient.

Players will participate in several drills of “game situation scenarios” to practice concepts and the last part of the lesson, participants will play out points.

*Routinely drilling, practicing and or having instruction will help achieve consistency and lower unforced errors also helping to build muscle memory player confidence and improve game mental toughness.  

The class is open to both members and non-members. Participants must pre-register using either the member online reservation app or by calling the Pictona Welcome Desk at 386-310-7067. Check the Events Calendar or contact the Welcome Desk for dates and times. The cost of the class is $100. 

Non-members must also purchase a day pass or use their Pic-10 punch card.

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