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PB 204 Pickleball Fourth Step - Adults

This course is part of a series that consists of 4 courses, each course having 2 two-hour long sessions. The series is ideal for the beginning player who has been introduced to pickleball by friends or by attending Pictona’s Pickleball 101 class. Players who complete the series will be playing successful pickleball and most importantly, having fun doing so!

This course is the capstone for the Adult Pickleball Steps program which will incorporate all the strategies and skills learned in the previous courses.

Session 1 and 2

During this course players will play instructor observed games with critique.   Instructor will teach/reinforce the mental and strategic aspects of the game such as

  • How to “win” a close game
  • Changing to a different strategy midgame
  • Hitting to zones to minimize movement
  • Stacking strategy and technique
  • Line call sportsmanship

Course Instructor: Paul Lambers

Course Duration: 2 Sessions, 2 Hours Per Session

Course Prerequisites: Adult Third Step

Course Recommended for: Beginner Levels 2.5-3.4

Minimum = 4 students, Maximum = 8 students

Course Fee: Member $100, Nonmembers $130
     Series Fee:  Member $320, Nonmembers $450

If you sign up for the full Adult Steps Series you will receive a 20% discount.  You can register HERE.

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