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Pickleball 201

Building upon the solid foundation laid by PB-102, our PB-201 course is designed to propel your pickleball journey even further. This dynamic and engaging course is tailored for players who have completed PB-102 or possess equivalent pickleball experience. If you're ready to amplify your skills and strategic prowess, PB-201 is your next exhilarating challenge.

Course Structure:

  • Course Duration: 2 lessons (2 hours per lesson)
  • Class Size: Minimum 3 students, Maximum 8 students to foster a personalized and interactive learning environment
  • Prerequisite: Successful completion of PB-102 or a demonstrated proficiency in the skills covered in that course

Course Focus Areas:

  • Mastering Paddle Ready Position: Fine-tune your starting stance to gain an instant edge. Learn how to hold your paddle for optimal shot readiness, maximizing reaction time and versatility.
  • Precision Footwork: Elevate your agility with advanced footwork techniques. Explore lateral movement, split-stepping, and pivoting strategies to position yourself ideally for each shot.
  • Serve and Return Strategies: Refine your serve to keep opponents guessing and gain the upper hand. Master the art of anticipation to maximize your return of serve and seize control of rallies.
  • Tracking the Ball: Sharpen your visual tracking skills to read shots earlier and position yourself effectively, gaining a competitive advantage in every exchange.
  • Stop and Prepare Tactics: Learn when to pause your forward momentum and ready yourself to receive your opponent's shot.
  • Transition Zone Domination: Conquer the transition zone with confidence. Enhance your ability to seamlessly move between the baseline and the non-volley zone (NVZ), dictating the pace of play.
  • Green Light/Yellow Light/Red Light System: Develop an intuitive understanding of when to attack, when to be cautious, and when to let a shot go. Elevate your shot selection for optimum effectiveness.
  • Sustaining Rallies: Cultivate the art of prolonging rallies through consistent, controlled play. Learn how to engage in strategic rallies that set you up for the perfect winning shot.

Registration: Participants must pre-register. Visit the Pictona Instructional Calendar for upcoming dates & times and to register for the course on CourtReserve, our club management system. If you are not a member, you will need to create a free player profile. Alternatively, players can call the Pictona Welcome Desk at 386-310-7067 and a Pictona associate can register you. 

The class is open to both members and non-members. Non-members must also purchase a day pass for each session of the course or use their Pic-10 punch card.

Policies: We're committed to providing the best experience, rain or shine. For further details about how weather might impact our instruction, go HERE. Additional information about our cancellation and refund policy can be found HERE.

Watch a short video of Lu explaining our PB-201 course!


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