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Pickleball 102


PB-102 is a comprehensive two-lesson package designed to take your pickleball game to the next level. This course is perfect for beginners who have a basic understanding of pickleball and who are looking to refine their skills. With a focus on specific skill development, each class will provide expert instruction, guided practice, and strategic play opportunities.

Course Structure:

  • Course Duration: 2 lessons (2 hours per lesson)
  • Class Size: Minimum 3 students, Maximum 8 students
  • Prerequisite: Completion of PB-101 or equivalent basic pickleball experience

Course Objectives: By successfully completing PB-102, you will:

  • Develop a strong ready position, enhancing your reaction time and court coverage.
  • Master balance and footwork techniques to improve your agility and positioning during play.
  • Understand the scoring system and game dynamics to make informed strategic decisions.
  • Learn the art of dinking, adding finesse to your shots and controlling the pace of the game.
  • Hone your service return skills, allowing you to take control of rallies from the start.
  • Refine ground strokes to allow you to confidently approach the NVZ and prepare for offensive plays.
  • Learn effective blocking techniques to counter hard-hitting shots from your opponents.
  • Enhance partner communication and collaboration for seamless doubles play.

Registration: Participants must pre-register. Visit the Pictona Instructional Calendar for upcoming dates & times and to register for the course on CourtReserve, our club management system. If you are not a member, you will need to create a free player profile. Alternatively, players can call the Pictona Welcome Desk at 386-310-7067 and a Pictona associate can register you. 

The class is open to both members and non-members. Non-members must also purchase a day pass for each session of the course or use their Pic-10 punch card.

Policies: We're committed to providing the best experience, rain or shine. For further details about how weather might impact our instruction, go HERE. Additional information about our cancellation and refund policy can be found HERE.

Click below to watch a short video by Instructor Lu Kandt describing the course.

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