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Mastering Pickleball Fundamentals: 4 Class Package

This 4 part class focuses on one fundamental each class; the schedule is as follows:

Class A:  Serves & Return of Serves, Court Positioning                          

Review correct Ready Position, Paddle Position and keeping paddle out in front

  • Learn 3 Types of Serves: Drive, Loft and Short serves (when to use which one) AND Where to serve the ball
  • Review the 3 Types of Returns Drive Loft and Short returns (when to use which one) AND Where to return the ball
  • Serve and Return of Serve strategies (advantages to return straight ahead) or cross court)
  • Covering 100% of 75% of the court (toss drill)

Class B:  Third Shots (Should you Drop or Drive?)  

  • The Drop Shot… Why? (Buys you TIME; Keeps the ball unattackable)
  • Driving or Banging the third shot : (Where to aim the shot and Why?)
  • Advantages of Hitting ball Out of Air vs Off a Bounce

Class CThe Art of Dinking 

  • Why Dink? Advantages and Disadvantages of Straight ahead vs Cross Court
  • Keeping the Ball LOW and SLOW. : When to speed up?
  • Using the dink to get to the Kitchen Line and Setting you or your partner up?
  • Learn to dink with purpose and plan

Class D:  Blocking the Ball at the net or in the Transitional Volley Area

  • How to protect yourself at the net
  • Learn how to BLOCK a drive shot when hit at you from the baseline or TVA
  • Blocking to Reset the point and Slow the Game down

Course Instructor: Sylvia Whitehouse

Course Duration: 4 Sessions, 1.5 Hours Per Session

Course Prerequisites: NA

Minimum = 3 students, Maximum = 8 students

Course Fee: Member $120, Nonmembers $150

You can register for the class HERE.

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