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Pickleball 101

Do you want to learn how to play Pickleball but aren’t sure where to start? Then Pickleball 101 (PB 101) is for you! Thanks to the support of our sponsors Karen Dillard and Jeff Dillard of  Realty Pros and our Pictona volunteers we are able to offer this class for free!  Warning: You may become addicted to pickleball and will then want to join Pictona!

Pictona members who are new to the game and community members who would like to try Pickleball are invited to attend a PB 101 class.

Our PB 101 class is an hour of instruction during which you will learn the basics of the game with our capable Pictona volunteer instructors. Classes are limited to 10 or fewer participants to maximize your opportunity to learn about pickleball and participate in skill instruction. Under the instructor’s guidance you will be introduced to the soft game of pickleball known as dinking, shown how to volley, given the opportunity to hit ground strokes and instructed on how to serve. You will learn the rules of pickleball as you progress through the class. The culmination of the hour will have you keeping score and playing a game of pickleball! After the hour session you are invited to stay and play on the courts at Pictona for as long as you like that day.

PB 101 participants are also welcome to join us in The Kitchen, Pictona's onsite restaurant, for a tasty meal and cold drink after play. Check out The Kitchen menu here.

We currently offer PB 101 several days a week. Occasionally we offer additional classes on different days. 
Typically PB 101 is offered:

  • Mondays at 4 pm                                                                                PB 101 Classes are held on covered courts, which means
  • Tuesdays at 1 pm                                                                                there will be no direct sunlight on you, which makes it cooler 
  • Wednesdays at 6 pm                                                                         for playing in the Florida heat!  It also means the class will go on,
  • Thursdays at 5 pm                                                                              rain or shine.   Also, remember to bring a bottle of water with you.   
  • Saturdays at 1 pm.                                                                              It's essential to stay hydrated.

Check our Events Calendar here to see upcoming dates for PB 101.   To register, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

We will provide paddles and balls for the class or bring your own paddle if you have one.
Please wear athletic shoes and comfortable clothing for the class.

We limit classes to 10 participants on a first come first served basis. You will receive an email back from Pictona confirming your registration.

Thanks again to our PB101 sponsor Karen Dillard and Jeff Dillard of  Realty Pros  for helping us to share and grow this fun game.

Pickleball 101 Realty Pros

To register for a Pickleball 101 clinic fill out the form below.

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