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Any person may join the Pictona Garden Club by submitting a Membership Application and agreeing to Humana Community Gardens at Pictona Rules. All plot holders become automatic members of the Pictona Garden Club, but plot rental is not a requirement for membership.


Pictona’s Senior Activity Center exists to help the senior citizens of Holly Hill and the community at large improve their health through physical activity and better nutrition. The Humana Community Gardens at Pictona support this mission by fostering environmental sustainability and stewardship, promoting horticultural and nutritional education, producing a healthy and supplemental food source for its gardeners and for Pictona’s restaurant (The Kitchen), and providing community members with enriching opportunities for physical activity. The Pictona Garden Club will work to support this mission in the Community Gardens by encouraging participation in the Gardens, donating time to Garden activities, and by helping the SAC Director coordinate volunteer opportunities that contribute to Garden success.  


The Pictona Garden Club will meet once a month, with other meetings scheduled as needed.


Garden Club initiatives generally fall under one of three Committees: Children’s Garden Committee, Hydroponic Garden Committee, and Social Committee. Each Committee has a Chair (or Co-Chairs). Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs are unpaid volunteers who self-nominate and are affirmed by the SAC Director. The Pictona Garden Club welcomes volunteer leaders and appreciates their efforts, which are vital to the success of the Humana Community Gardens at Pictona. They volunteer their time for the good of the Garden Club and Pictona to assist the SAC Director in leading Garden initiatives and fulfilling the SAC’s mission.

Gardens - Membership Application

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