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Humana Gardens at Pictona

At Pictona, we're proud to have Humana as our valued sponsor of the gardens. Their generous annual donation of $5,000 plays a crucial role in supporting our beloved gardens.

The hydroponic garden consists of ten towers that yield fresh vegetables and herbs, directly benefiting Pictona's onsite restaurant, The Kitchen. Thanks to Humana's support, we can ensure that our restaurant serves the freshest and healthiest ingredients to our visitors and members.

Growing a Brighter Future

We're excited to announce that the Humana Gardens at Pictona are currently undergoing major renovations. Thanks to Steve Parker, landscape architect, we've taken a significant step toward transforming our gardens. Steve presented us with three innovative design options pro bono, and after careful consideration we've selected a final plan that promises to enhance the beauty and functionality of our cherished gardens.

The garden renovation project will preserve the hydroponic garden, relocating it to the northeast corner. Our primary objective for the gardens is to create a tranquil oasis, offering a peaceful space to take a timeout from pickleball, where visitors can unwind in a serene environment surrounded by lush trees, vibrant plants, and beautiful flowers. Delight in the charming nooks with built-in seating, enjoy the soothing sounds of a water fountain, and watch the butterflies and birds.

Construction is set to commence soon, with an anticipated completion date in January 2024. We're looking forward to unveiling a renewed and rejuvenated Humana Gardens at Pictona that will continue to enrich the lives of our community members and visitors alike.


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