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Humana Community Gardens at Pictona - Rules

  1. Open Hours: Gardening hours will be 8 am until dusk.
  2. Growing Seasons: Plots may be planted at any time throughout each individual growing season (Fall: September – February; Spring: March – August).
  3. Meetings: Plot holders must attend a meeting of the Pictona Garden Club at the beginning and end of each growing season (date and time to be communicated by the SAC Director). If a plot holder is unable to attend either meeting, it is the responsibility of the plot holder to contact the SAC Director to receive applicable instructions for the upcoming season (or for the close of the previous season). 
  4. Acceptable Plants: Plot holders may determine which plants they grow in their designated plot(s) (subject to local laws and the recommendations of the Master Gardener) (corn is excluded from individual garden plots for reasons of shading and cross pollination). Final decisions are at the discretion of the SAC Director and Master Gardener.
  5. Volunteerism: Plot holders are invited to devote a minimum of 1 or more hours per week to the overall cultivation of the Pictona Children’s and Hydroponic Gardens throughout the growing season.
  6. Prohibitions: No stealing of anything is permitted and will result in an immediate loss of plot with no refund. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the Community Gardens.
  7. Over-Abundance: Crops must be harvested once they are mature. It is the responsibility of the plot holder to harvest regularly. Surplus crops may be donated to The Kitchen, but it is the plot holder's responsibility to communicate with the Kitchen Manager, make sure the surplus crops can be used by The Kitchen, and then deliver surplus crops to The Kitchen.
  8. Plot Assistance: If a plot holder is unable to tend his/her plot for an extended period of time, the plot holder should arrange with another gardener for assistance. If you want someone to work your plot or pick your vegetables when you are sick or away, give that person a signed note. This note should be presented on site if requested by any Pictona employee or the Master Gardener.
  9. Plot Neglect: All plots will be inspected during the growing season. If a plot appears untended (un-harvested or weeds overgrown), the gardener may receive a “weedy warning” email or other notice from Pictona or the Pictona Garden Club. If the plot is not tended within 7 days of the first warning, the gardener will receive a second warning. The second warning will explain that the gardener has 7 days from the date of the second notice to tidy the plot, and if the plot is not tidied by the end of those 7 days, the plot will be reassigned to another gardener, and the garden contents and plot rental fee will be forfeited. Abandoned plots will be cleared immediately and offered for readoption.
  10. Animals: No dogs or other animals except for service animals will be permitted. Any waste from service animals must be removed immediately and disposed of in the proper trash receptacle.
  11. Re-Adoption: When a plot survives from season to season, the renter of that plot during the previous season will be given first choice to rent that plot again for the following season.
  12. Organic Only: Fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides made from synthetic chemicals are not permitted in the Pictona Community Gardens. Herbicides and insecticides made from natural materials are permitted but are to be used sparingly and with caution. Non-organic seeds and seedlings are permitted, but once placed in the garden must be cultivated using organic methods.
  13. Costs: All costs associated with plot improvement, maintenance, and plants/seeds are the responsibility of the gardener.
  14. Plot Maintenance: Gardeners shall maintain their plots at all times. Plots should be reasonably maintained. “Reasonably maintained” means plots are weed free, plants are cared for, and produce is actively harvested. Restraining devices should be used to keep plants upright – like tomato cages or bean poles. Dead garden plants should be regularly removed. Plots should be tidied before being put to bed for the winter. Mechanical equipment, other than the type customarily identified as lawn and garden equipment, creating offensive noise, dust, odor or electrical disturbance is prohibited. In addition to one’s own plot, gardeners should make sure not to leave weeds, trash or general mess on common pathways after working their plots.
  15. Relinquishing a Plot: At any point, if a gardener relinquishes his / her plot, it is his / her responsibility to completely clean out his / her plot. The plot must be returned to its original state, clean of all plants and weeds, in preparation for the next plot holder. 
  16. Children: Kids are always welcome, but an adult must be present and responsible for any children under the age of 18 in the Humana Community Gardens.
  17. Conflicts: Any conflicts among gardeners will be resolved by the SAC Director or Master Gardener. When necessary, final resolution lies with the SAC Director.
  18. Rule Changes: Pictona may choose to alter these rules at any time and will seek, to the best of its ability, to inform all interested parties of any changes to these established rules.
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