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PB 301 (Course #2)

April 7 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Criteria: Participant should already have a basic understanding of pickleball rules, scoring, and the ability to execute serves, service returns, volleys, and dinks at a 50% success rate and/or attended PB201 or received permission from 301 class instructor (see Pictona's Skill Assessment Program).

This 3 part class focuses on one area each class; the schedule is as follows:

PB301 Class A  Serves/Returns, Court Positioning Review: Ready Positions is KEY & Paddle Position Keeping paddle like a Brick Wall

  • Review the 3 Types of Serves: Drive, Loop and Short (when to use)
  • Review the 3 Types of Returns Drive Loop and Short (when to use)
  • Serve and Return of Serve strategies (advantage of return straight ahead)
  • Covering 100% of 75% of the court (toss drill)
  • Advantages of keeping ball Low & Slow to avoid “high you die” shots. (vertical horizontal vertical sea saw theory, answer the opponent paddle position) F*U*M*S* strategies Paddle Forward, Feet, Follow-through * Follow the Ball UNATTACKABLE SHOTS MIDDLE MIDDLE MIDDLE SOFT SOFTER SOFTESS

PB301 Class B  Drops, Drives, and How to Block (Brick Wall) in TVA

  • Review of Class A topics (Deep Feet Repeat)
  • The Drop Shot… Why? (Buys you TIME) Learn when to Drop the shot or Drive the shot : (no more 3rd shot drop every shot should be a drop shot)
  • Advantages of Hitting ball Out of Air vs off a Bounce
  • How to handle Drop or Drive shots when hit at you in Transitional Volley area.
  • Blocking Drive Shots Transitional Volleys to Reset and Slow the Game down

PB301 Class C  More Blocking (but at net) and “The Art of Dinking”

  • Review of Class B topics
  • Volleys: Net and Block Volleys… How to hit them and How to return them
  • Dinking …. Advantages of Dinking … Keeping ball low and slow.
  • Using the dink to get to the Kitchen Line and Setting yourself up?
  • Learn to Dink with a Purpose and a Plan
  • Practice Practice Drops: Importance of building Muscle Memory

It is my hope that you will enjoy the class and find it helpful.  Pickle on!!!

Sylvia Whitehouse sirene23@me.com    (201.913.2103)

The course is open to both members and non-members. Participants must pre-register using either the member online reservation app or by calling the Pictona Welcome Desk at 386-310-7067. Check the Events Calendar or contact the Welcome Desk for dates and times. The cost of the course is $100 for members and $148 for non-members.  (This includes all 3 Classes) 

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April 7
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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