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Sylvia Herreras-Whitehouse, Certified Pictona Instructor, IPTPA Level II

Pictona Certified Instructor Sylvia Herreras Whitehouse is a 5-time medal winner at the US Open, and a 4-time medal winner at Nationals.   

“Mastering pickleball fundamentals is essential. The “jack on all trades” strategy (dinking, 3rd or 5th shot drops, blocking & resetting, transitional volleys and lobbing) will enable players to adapt to each opponent faced across the net.”

Sylvia is an expert on proper positioning as well as building skills through drilling. 

Sylvia Whitehouse
Dave Heinze

Dave Heinze, Certified Pictona Instructor, IPTPA Level II 

Instructor Heinze builds on people’s strengths with positive affirmation along the way. He   quickly discerns what their learning style is and primarily use that. Classes include rigorous drilling to not only develop good skills, but also be able to productively practice on their own. Instructor Heinze has been playing and teaching pickleball for over a decade and has helped hundreds of students improve their games.

Lu Kandt, Certified Pictona Instructor, PPR

Coach Kandt had taught golf and physical education for 25 years before making the jump to pickleball. Her pickleball teaching philosophy is centered on educating students in the basic skills and strategies of pickleball while providing a safe and entertaining environment. Let’s face it, it is easier to learn when you are enjoying your experience!  A master at the soft game, she will help you control the ball and “out patience” your opponents!

Lu Kandt
Chase Blocker

Chase Blocker, Pictona Instructor

Pictona Instructor Chase Blocker, a 5.0 rated player, teaches the fundamentals very well but also adds the “flare” of today’s modern pickleball play.   As a constant student of the game, Chase excels at recognizing and explaining what students could improve at, regardless if it’s in the realm of strategy, skill, or pickleball IQ. Instructor Chase has won multiple medals in the Northeast part of the country.

Paul Lambers, Camp Director, Education Associate at Pictona,
Pictona Instructor

Pictona Instructor Paul Lambers, a pioneer of pickleball in the New England area, has been playing pickleball for the last 15 years. Having medaled in over 30 tournaments, Paul is a strong believer in the three “Ps” of pickleball, patience, placement, and more patience.  You’ll learn how to hit consistent, safe shots that will drive your opponents crazy! 

Paul Lambers
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