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Bainbridge Cup Workshops

Humana-Island Doctors Tournament Prep Workshops

Bainbridge Cup Preparation Workshops presented by Humana & Island Doctors

Pictona is excited to announce 4 upcoming workshops that will help our members prepare for the upcoming Bainbridge Cup. These workshops are proudly presented by our tournament sponsors Humana & Island Doctors and will be held in the SR Perrott Pavilion. They are FREE to Pictona members and community participants, no registration required.

The workshop topics and schedule are as follows:


Wednesday, March 3rd, 4pm

Tai Chi and Qi Gong for Athletes – Steve Wyland is a 40-year martial arts and tai chi practitioner. Pam Livingston is an advanced tai chi instructor with over 500 hours of training, focusing on the senior population.

Come and learn from these experts how to use the techniques of Tai Chi and Qi Gong to prepare for competition and to calm yourself during competition. This may be the edge you have been looking for!

Please bring your own yoga mat or towel for this workshop.


Wednesday, March 10th, 10am

So you leak when you laugh? Strategies for pelvic floor strengthening for female athletes – Many female athletes struggle with leakage that comes from childbirth, running, and other strenuous activities. Dr Laura Reinerston will discuss strategies to address this embarrassing problem that affects women of all ages.


Wednesday, March 17th, 11am

Alternative & Complementary Medicine for Athletes – Looking for that edge that can help you perform better and recover quicker from days of intense Pickleball play? Come learn from Kevin Alen, Acupuncturist and Eastern Medicine expert practitioner, who will talk about alternative therapies for athletic success. Topics will include acupuncture, herbs, vitamins, and other alternative treatments.


Wednesday, March 24th, 4pm

Stretching for Athletes – Multi day Pickleball tournaments can take their toll on your body if you are not proactively preparing for competition using an appropriate warm up. Post competition stretching and cool down can also be a critical tool for your ability to perform at a high-level play day after day.

Certified yoga instructor and massage therapist, Sharyn Cunniff will be offering a stretching class focusing on warm up and injury prevention specifically targeted for Pickleball play.

Please bring your own yoga mat or towel for this workshop.

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