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Pictona 2

Pictona Two is phase 2 of the Hollyland Park development. Its purpose is to further enhance Pictona as a major pickleball tournament site and educational center for all things pickleball. Pictona 2 will add 24 courts, a small arena for championship play, and an education center. The arena will also provide a place for local performances with seating for 1200 to 1500 people. The arena and 4 additional courts will be covered giving Pictona 13 covered courts. We also will have 8-10 full-service RV spaces for our nomad pickleball friends.

The Pictona Open (formerly the Fall Vintage Tournament) will be our premiere pickleball event. With 49 courts we will seek to accommodate up to 1500 players. In addition, we will host smaller tournaments monthly (300 to 1000 players) and not use all of our courts, permitting our members to continue to play as well.

Pictona 2 will permit us to pursue these additional activities:  

  • Provide more instructional programs for not only local players but from outside the area.
  • Implement our Junior program (click here).
  • Offer 3- to 5-day residential camps for older youth.
  • Offer camps for “snowbirds” of various durations during the winter months.
  • Develop an interscholastic program among the high schools in Volusia County.
  • Train physical educators and recreation leaders to deliver our First Steps youth curriculum.
  • Partner with other organizations to conduct courses for training instructors and referees.
  • Host community entertainment events.

Pictona 2 is expected to cost $4 million and is another public-private partnership between the progressive City of Holly Hill and Martens Charities. Groundbreaking is expected to take place in September 2021 with completion in about one year.

Pictona 2 Site Plan 5-30

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