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General Manager: Angie Gustavson

Angie's background is in retail and food service, with over 20 years of successful leadership and management experience.  She has a passion for customer service and developing others.   Angie was a manager at Starbucks for 15 years where she developed a LOVE for coffee and connecting with people.  In her free time, she roasts her own coffee, sourcing beans from around the world.

She loves fishing, being outdoors, walking hte beach and hiking.   And of course, she loves her dog Buddy and cat Lillian!  
Angie's dad introduced her to pickleball, just before Pictona opened.  They would play  together, with him teaching her his killer shots.  She fell in love with pickleball, and as a member of Pictona, she's met some great people and made good friends.

One of Angie's favorite quotes is from  Maya Angelou:  "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."  

Tournament Director: Keith Howell

Keith will be responsible for many things, including developing & managing the schedule of tournaments to be held annually at Pictona. “I look forward to working closely with Rainer to put together a diverse calendar of future tournaments showcasing Pictona and our sport. I’ll also be developing more camps, training events and special programming for both members and the growing number of visitors eager to experience our unique, world-class facility.”

Membership Director: Paul Lambers

Community Relations Director: Deb Christensen

Deb Presley-Christensen joins Pictona as the new Community Relations Director.  Deb previously served as the executive director of the Fayette CARE Clinic in Fayetteville, GA. Deb’s primary duties will be developing and maintaining relations with community organizations and especially with our sponsors. She will lead our fundraising efforts, which are a vital part of Pictona, and will coordinate the many different events we hold at our community center.

Senior Activity Center Director: Yvonne Milton
Yvonne came to us from the Grand Villa in Ormond Beach where she served as the Life Enrichment Coordinator for Memory Care.   
Marketing Director:  Mark Shaw
Mark comes to Pictona from the Council on Aging, where he was the manager of marketing, communications, and events. Prior to that he worked for 15 + years in the corporate marketing world, helping manage large, iconic events for Macy’s Department Stores, and before that, similar events for Target Stores. You could find Mark backstage at Madison Square Garden or perched atop an extended lift securing a star atop an 80 Ft. Christmas Tree in San Francisco.

Mark hails from the Midwest and is happy to have relocated away from the harsh winters to sunny Florida. He likes to stay active with hiking and kayaking. Although he’s new to the sport of Pickleball, he’s enthusiastic to learn the art of the Dink!     After all, you can’t play outdoor Pickleball in Minnesota in January!

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